Sunday, January 25, 2015

Update from the Chinaman

Greetings! I am writing an historical novel that has little or nothing to do with China. I have more than 20,000 words, which is a start. I don't talk about it, except to say that I am doing it so no questions!

Mr. Xi, Tear Down that Wall

I don't blog much any more because using the Internet in China makes me weary. I have a dark joke that China could control the world simply by tearing down that Great Firewall. Productivity would increase threefold, at least.

Will be state-side from February 9th to 26th, doing research for book and seeing some old friends and older family members. Have done less traveling this year. Made it to Hainan in November and to Guangzhou for four days of exquisite food, warmish weather, and a picturesque writing environment from my balcony in the historic Victory Hotel.

Music in the Air

Going on the perfect date today. Lunch, followed by a visit to the National Museum of China, followed by attending Mass at Wangfujing, etc. I may be compelled to sing in the choir today.

Only a few of you know that I joined the International Festival Chorus and sang Handel's Messiah during Christmastime. We performed at the Harrow School in Beijing and the huge municipal concert venue in Tianjin. We also caroled at the Australian and British embassies in Beijing. For the former gig, the Ambassador herself presented us each with a bottle of Syrah from Oz. Now that is advanced diplomacy!

For those of you who don't know, the Rodin Museum in Paris is my favorite in the pantheon of all museums. Here are the details on the exhibit in China.

Date : November 28, 2014 - March 22, 2015
Venue : Gallery N10
Hosted by: National Museum of China, Rodin Museum in Paris

Rodin Museum in Paris The National Museum of China, after the exhibition of Ten Masterpieces of French Painting- Making the 50th Founding Anniversary of Sino-French Diplomatic Ties closed in June, will host another exhibition t hemed on classical French art, namely, Rodin, l’oeuvre d’une vie, to bring a successful conclusion of this memorable year.
A total of 140 original works created by Auguste Rodin, a great French sculptor in the 19th century will be on display, including The Thinker, The Age of Bronze, Monument to Balzac, The Gates of Hell and other representative works. Moreover, many drawings for Rodin’s gypsum sculptures will also be exhibited, through which art lovers can get a glimpse of the thinking process and moods during the artistic creation by this most prestigious master in the world history of modern sculpture.