Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How I spent 27,500 on lunch without going broke...

I am in Seoul for two more days. This is the land of the red bean and every fish including cod, where the Lees speak only to Kims, and the Kims speak only to God.

My tour to the DMZ tomorrow was shortened because the North and South Koreans will be there having negotiations so I have put it off until Thursday.

Today I climbed Namsam to the N Seoul Tower. Lunch was amazing and I know that lots of you wanted me to take lots of food pictures. It does really make you wonder why Chinese and Japanese food have caught on, but Korean food is still a rarity in the States.

27,500 Wan ($24.96) was a small fortune for a meal. Most meals have cost around 7,000 Wan.

After a very long lunch looking out across Seoul and the Han River, I decided not to hoof it any more and spent an hour trying to get to the Korea War Memorial by bus and subway, which is really not far from the bottom of the hill.

The very first thing I did at the Korea War Memorial was find my uncle's name. It was easy, because the thousands of names are listed alphabetically by last name and further divided by nation and state/province.

Here is a picture of First Lieutenant George Cabot Lee Jr.'s name and the Massachusetts men who gave their lives more than fifty-nine years ago.

This is really one of the most amazing museums to which I have ever been. It is exciting with great artifacts and great architecture. It is designed well and full of great videos (which you can watch in Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English or (of course) Korean.

Let's pray for all the cherished memories of the souls of all the defenders of the Republic of Korea.

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