Wednesday, March 9, 2011

People's Square in Changchun

People's Square (人民广场; Rénmín Guǎngchǎng). In the Chaoyang District around the cross streets of Xi'an Lu (西安路), Renmin Dajie (人民大街), and Changchun Dajie (长春大街). It is one of the focal points of Changchun. It is close to Baishan Park (白山公园), and a mini "Culture Square" of sorts. The site commemorates the Russian soldiers, and specifically Russian pilots that died to liberate Changchun during the Second World War.

On Monday, my day off, I went there and shot some pictures with Andy Vihstadt. Also bought a Bluetooth, which only works for the phone, not listening to music or Rosetta Stone audio.

I am learning a lot about Changchun and plan to try some local special foods tonight...but don't let me spoil the surprise. I am considering doing a Skype conference call so that you, my readers, can ask questions and give me some feedback on the blog posts. Would you participate? Take the pollon the blog homepage in the right-hand column.

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