Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Open Forum

There are over 390 people who receive this blog in their Inbox. Some of you might have a vague interest in me and my personal journey, but I suspect that most of you want to know about China from the insider's perspective. Today, I am turning this over to you. Write your questions on the blog or send them to me. I am happy to blog about any topic that interests you.

Big in the news this week: a truck full of dogs headed for a slaughterhouse in my city was saved by animal rights' activists. You want to know about dogs in China? Tell me...

I am headed to Beijing again this weekend for a series of meetings. Excited to return to that amazing city again.


  1. Hi Alexander,
    I have really enjoyed all your blog posts.
    Have you read Peter Hessler's book Country Driving? I'd be interested in your thoughts on the subject of cars and driving in China. Has the country progressed since that book was written (2000, I believe) and improved their car rental processes, driver's tests, driver's lessons, map making, selling used cars, etc.? And do they still have those terra cotta police statues along highways? Are car horns still hooked up to the gear shift and used constantly (mentioned in Peter Hessler's book River Town)? Thanks!
    Jenny H.

  2. What is 'inside story' about AI Wei Wei? -- Jim Higgins (and about 3 Gorges?)


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