Sunday, June 26, 2011

Siberian Tigers, oh my!

Yesterday, I went to Jingyuetan National Forest Park--a AAAAA-rated tourist site--for the third time. For the first time, I forked over a little less than ten US dollars (60 RMB) and entered the Jilin Provincial Siberian Tiger Park.

I am not sure what I did to incur his attention, but I was nearly mauled by a red-crowned crane. Should I feel good that I was nearly nipped by the beak of the revered bird of fidelity, luck and longevity? After I fled a few feet, he continued to follow me around for the next ten minutes until I wandered off to look at peacocks and parrots.

Jingyuetan or Moon Lake

The entrance to the Tiger Park wherein also lie great birds of prey and beasts of the forest.

A beautiful tree along the shore of the reservoir.

A girl pets a chained Siberian Tiger cub.

Adorable lemurs running about in their display area.

Through the glass, a Chinese girl and her brother tantalized the little creatures. You could pay extra to go inside and have them jump up on you like a jungle gym.

An owl.

A large bug that landed on my shirt. Ewww.

My hunter.

My attacker.

My careful observer. We both watched each other carefully after my initial encounter.

Another magnificent bird.

Certainly the most exciting and excitable bird that we saw.

I declined an opportunity to hold this bird on my hand, having just had a run in with a crane almost equal to me in height.

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