Monday, July 11, 2011

Am I Becoming Increasingly Primitive?

There were a couple of things about this list that shocked me, not least that I have tried half of the items: Number 4 (I like it), 5 (very common here in this city of Koreans), 8, 9 & 10 (the latter three smell bad but taste good). I am so totally disgusted by the first item on the list that I have changed my QQ status to "老 鼠三吱儿 Yuck!" so that my Chinese students know what not to serve me.

  1. Baby mice three-times squeaking (lǎoshǔ sān zhī er, 老 鼠三吱儿) — Prepare a plate of newborn mice and a plate of dipping sauce. Use a pair of chopsticks to clamp one live mouse and it squeaks for the first time. Dip the mouse in sauce, the mouse squeaks a second time. Put the mouse in the mouth and it squeaks a third time.
  2. Animal penis (dòng wù biān, 动物鞭)
  3. Cat meat (māo ròu, 猫肉)
  4. Baked silkworm chrysalis (kǎo cán yǒng, 烤蚕蛹)
  5. Dead chicken embryo egg (máo dàn, 毛蛋)
  6. Dog meat (gǒu ròu, 狗肉)
  7. Fertilized duck embryo or balut (wàng jī dàn, 旺鸡蛋). A street snack in Nanjing, especially popular among girls. Also popular in Philippines and typically eaten in the dark
  8. Stinky tofu (chòu dòu fǔ, 臭豆腐)
  9. Durian crisp (liú lián sū, 榴莲酥)
  10. Century eggs (pídàn, 皮蛋)
I suspect that I will lose some readers when I admit that on my way to China, in Seoul, ROK, I tried nakji.  Here is the proof:

Does it matter that they don't have a spine? This was taken by the fishmonger at 3:08 in the morning when the market was abuzz with activity, despite the frigid temperatures.
Perhaps the most horrifying revelation, foreshadowed by my report of the bears who drink cola bottles tossed to them by tourists, is that I spent good money to see said bears, a crocodile, some tigers and a lion and lioness. We got to see the tigers at feeding time.

Yes, that is a chicken sticking out of its mouth.

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  1. Humans have quite an ability to adapt. A friend who went to China was very distressed by the lack of wild life including birds. She realized it's because the Chinese eat everything.There are a lot of people to be fed.

    I was fed dog meat once as specialty meat that had been smuggled into Boston. I was not aware it was dog until after I ate it. If I had to survive starvation, I would eat anything but luckily I don't have to make that judgment so I do not eat carnivores as a rule.


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