Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Exciting announcement and opportunity

Job Description-Position Announcement

Executive Director- Project Laundry List

Project Laundry List is a 501(c)(3) organization based in New Hampshire that advocates for energy conservation through the promotion of line drying of laundry, and other easy, practical money-saving steps that individuals can take to use less energy. PLL was founded by Alexander Lee in the mid-1990s while he was a college student at Middlebury College. PLL has since grown to be recognized as a unique, innovative organization. It has been featured in national media, including Time Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, and the Colbert Report. Research Project Laundry List at

The Executive Director will report to the Board of Directors, and will be charged with the day-to-day operation of PLL, its long term growth and advancement, and the continuation and implementation of its mission through advocacy and innovative educational programming. The Executive Director, first and foremost, must have a passion for energy conservation and line drying as a means of conserving energy. He or she must also be pleasant, optimistic and personable—our founder was fond of saying that PLL is “pro-clothesline, not anti-dryer.” The Executive Director must feel comfortable with public speaking, attracting and thriving in a spotlight. He or she must be articulate in written and verbal communication; must be creative and practical; and must be capable of doing the difficult and less-exciting aspects of running a non-profit advocacy organization, such as fundraising, bookkeeping, and administration.

At present, the Executive Director is the sole employee. Consistent with these broad principles, specific areas of responsibility include:

I. Establishing a thorough working knowledge of the media, fundraising, communication and technical systems required to run PLL daily.
a. Managing administrative details (rent, utilities, communications charges, finances (quickbooks), etc.)
b. Understanding and managing technical assets (website, paypal interface, online store, Google Adwords accounts, donor tracking systems, technical partnerships with Uncommon Goods, Seventh Generation, etc.).
c. Volunteer management (identifying, tracking, tasking, retaining volunteers).
d. Communications (newsletter assembly, content creation/gathering, blog updates, public lectures, media strategy)

II. Fundraising and Sustainability
a. Work with PLL corporate partners and interested supporters to establish revenue generating partnerships, including possible retail sales agreements with Uncommon Goods, Vermont Country Store, Levis, Timberland, EMS and others.
b. Develop donation strategy for large and small donors, including evaluation of membership dues, incentives to generate dues-paying members, and networking in the broader NH, NE and US philanthropic community for large grants.
c. Develop corporate donors whose corporate mission is consistent with PLL’s focus on energy conservation and clean energy.

III. Programming and Message
a. Develop and implement advocacy strategy to drum up support for Right to Dry legislation at the national and state level.
b. Develop and implement media strategy to garner attention for organization, and promote line drying as an alternative to dryer usage in the home.
c. Develop and implement programs, using all of PLLs volunteers, college and corporate connections, that educate the public about line drying and promote the use of clothes lines as a practical alternative to gas and electric dryers.
The Executive Director will allocate his or her time to give equal attention to advancement of the mission, and securing a stable foundation for the organization. However, the first steps will be understanding the mechanics of the organization, on a technical basis, and raising enough money through ongoing revenue generation or private donations for the organization to be sustainable on a 24 month horizon. Some travel will be necessary from time to time.

• BA/BS or equivalent experience
• Passion for energy conservation
• Facility with electronic media, and ability to learn the technical mechanics of communications systems
• Quickbooks knowledge a plus
• An ideal candidate would have prior experience in sales and in non-profit management.
• US citizenship or valid work authorization

Salary commensurate with experience. Project Laundry List is presently headquartered in Concord, New Hampshire; however, the Board is taking applications from interested parties anywhere in the United States or Canada (subject to the work authorization requirement), with a view toward nationalizing Project Laundry List’s scope.

Kindly email a resume or CV and cover letter (word or pdf format) with your reasonable salary expectations, noting “Executive Director Application” in the subject line, to:
For questions or information, please email Board Member Jeremy Eggleton at the above address or call 603-223-9122.

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