Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Er Yue Er (二月二)

On the second day of the second month of the lunar year, you should eat a dragon's head and get your hair cut. Don't worry Uncle Bob and Uncle John, I did not cut my hair during the first month and day of the lunar year. Such a decision would not portend well for your futures, but on Thursday, I did get a haircut and eat a pig's ear!

Since dragon's are hard to come by, the Chinese have decided that eating any part of a pig's head will suffice.

Look at the size of that ear!

As regards the haircut, the unfortunate part is that it cost me 50 yuan. I asked for san shi (30 yuan), but when I came out of the place where they wash your hair they seated me in a 50-yuan chair. I mildly protested, but I did get the best haircut I have ever received. You can't tell from this picture!

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  1. Haircut or no haircut, you are having way to much fun!!!! Time to come home to a more puritanical culture, so you can do penance and work for Santorum's election. (don't tell anyone but I liked pigs feet when I was
    young. Does that count????) Barb


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