Friday, February 25, 2011

Signs That in Asia, I am

One of the things that any native English-speaking person will notice in Asia is an abundance of funny signs. The first sign I saw, when I deplaned in Changchun, pointed people to the Qnarantine Room. It is not uncommon to pass a girl on the street with a shirt that says something akin to "Sweet Honey of Yours."

Here is one example that is less than a block from my house:

Photographs: From Movie School of thought Naturalism

Here are two from Korea which are very representative of the genre. The first shows that Seoul (65% Christian) has some quite divinely inspired capitalists.

Bongzi & Bongzi...That's the Place made by Jesus
Especially considering that the words a, an, and the, frequently omitted by Asian speakers, are called articles, this is my grand prize winner.
BARBARA: a fine article. Talk about the objectification of women...or their shoes.
Finally, I bought a beautiful Korean liquor bottle that sits on my widow sill here. It is actually Traditional Koeran Liquuor, which, I hear, teetotalling Moslems abhor.

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