Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Own Art, etc.

It is terribly self-indulgent to blog in the first place, but when you start forcing people not only to look at your photographs, but your own amateurish artwork, it is positively annoying. Nevertheless, I am sharing the little piece of clay that I made some time ago (on Tomb-Sweeping Day) and painted a couple weeks ago. It is an incense burner even though I don't have any incense. Maybe some blog reader will send me gold, frankincense and myrrh.

I also want to share the really cool eggs I had for breakfast with a special shout-out to my twin sister:

These are my first attempts at Chinese painting, which I believe that I shared previously, and the first flowers that any boy ever bought for a certain, lovely girl. 

Finally, I want to share a couple pictures of my pets.

This is Maurice and Shel and the late Elbridge.
This is Chen, my blind turtle. He took the self-portrait, but I will be posting more handsome photos soon.

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  1. Hello, interesting blog. My family is about to move to Chanchun for a year so it's been great seeing some pictures. Thanks!


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