Sunday, July 15, 2012

Water on the Knee and Appeal

The Friday before last, I got to the Chinese-Japanese Union Hospital of Jilin University (sometimes called Number 3) at 8:30AM. It is reputedly the best hospital in the city. I have, quite obviously, water on the knee and one of my dearest friends here works in the Rheumatology Department. She was off on a Beijing-Xi'an-Shanghai trip with her sister, but was a tremendous help by text.

I checked in at the Outpatient window and paid 3RMB (50 cents). I went to see a doctor who told me that I should get an X-ray and an ultrasound. I went back to the window where I had waited to get the piece of paper that allowed me to see the doctor and got two more receipts that entitled me to the tests (100RMB each or about $31.28). I decided after the ultrasound that I would return to the Outpatient Rheumatology doctor without fulfilling the X-ray order. She was fine with that decision and sent me to Orthopedics. (We spent some time trying to get a refund for the unfulfilled order.) I was not touched by the Orthopedic doctor or, I am quite sure, even looked at by him. He simply looked at the ultrasound and said that within three weeks my knee should return to normal. It has been a week and it has barely changed at all.

Have you ever had or known anybody with prepatellar bursitis or "water on the knee"? It is very strange!

The mechanism of injury was almost certainly yoga. I am afraid if I post this photo, it may be the very last time that any of you ever look at this blog. I will take the risk. If you like it (or even if you don't care), please make a donation to support the blog.

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  1. You made me laugh!! Not only did I donate $5, although unemployed, I will donate this free advice to you too - If your doctor didn't even touch your knee or speak to your... any part of your alive body, you should go find another doctor, and seek a physical therapist. Knees are not to be taken lightly and your water problem is very real and serious. I had something very similar and it prevented me from walking for the last 6 months! Be strong - take my $5 and go to PT!


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